Save money on probate

Here at final Duties, we aim to save you as much money possible on Probate. We provide fixed fee probate quotes with no hidden costs and without having to visit your home.

We have the means to get quotes lower than any other UK probate provider whilst not sacrificing quality of service. We use a panel of qualified and regulated Solicitors.

Probate is required when the deceased leaves assets worth more than £5000.

This could include any of the following.
  1. Property – owned in their sole name OR as “tenants in common”
  2. Stocks and share
  3. Money
  4. Insurance Policies
  5. Assets worth a substantial amount.
Normally if the assets are worth less than £5000 there is not much need to go through probate. There are exceptions and in some cases probate is still required. A bank may insist on seeing a grant of probate when there is no will and some insurance policies may require probate if they need to be paid into the estate rather than being paid to a specific beneficiary.
You should bear in mind that even if there is no individual asset that requires probate if the deceased gave away a significant value in gifts in the 7 years prior to their death their estate may still be eligible for inheritance tax. If this is the case it is highly advised to seek professional guidance.
Let us save you money on probate. For a fixed fee probate quote call us on 08007318722 or send us an inquiry via our website.

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