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Are you in London or surrounding areas and require Probate services? Final Duties can offer a value-for-money probate service through regulated specialist firms and assist with the next steps with helpful advice and an empathetic approach. We provide quick and simple quotes. Unlike many banks and other probate providers, we do not even have to arrange for a face-to-face appointment.

The London Probate office is located at the First Avenue House at 42-49 High Holborn. The First Avenue House has 19 Family Division courts and holds a complete set of calendars of wills and administrations from 1858. The First Avenue House has been the primary Probate Department of the Principal Registry in England and Wales since 1858.

The Probate application is called FORM PA1 and the inheritance tax form, if there is no inheritance tax to pay is called FORM IHT205. Depending on how you answer the questions in the IHT205 you may be prompted to fill in the IHT400 instead. Regardless of whether there is inheritance tax to pay on the estate or not every probate application must be accompanied by a corresponding IHT form. All of these forms can be found on the website under the DIY Probate section. If you need an explanation on how to fill in these forms you can call The Government probate and Inheritance Tax Helpline. If you download the forms and do not feel confident in your knowledge or do not feel capable of filling in the application correctly it is advised to seek professional help. A friendly representative from Final Duties would be more than willing to assess the estate and provide you with your best options.

Before filling in the probate application you need to have knowledge of all institutions, assets and liabilities relevant to the deceased. You need to show reasonable care that you have located these assets, taken precautions to protect the interests of the beneficiaries and assess any claims against the Estate. As an executor, you are legally responsible for the administration of the estate. All of the solicitors on our panel take on full liability as standard during the administration of the estate. It is only once you are confident that you have correctly completed these forms you would send them to the probate office. It is good to be aware that there are penalties if there were to be inaccuracies in the application. You can find more information about these on the website.

When applying for a grant of probate it is necessary for the executors of the estate to swear an oath to confirm the information provided on the application is true. This oath is often signed at the probate office at which you have applied for probate. If you were to use one of the qualified and regulated solicitors on our panel, they would arrange for the oath to be signed at a Commissioner of oaths Office local to you. Once the executor has sworn the office it will take 10 days for the grant of probate to be granted.. Before you are asked to swear the Oath you will have to file for probate.

A qualified professional from our carefully selected panel of solicitors can obtain a grant of probate on your behalf.

It is easy to become upset and overwhelmed when dealing with a loved one’s estate. There can also be a lot to manage when arranging the funeral and applying for probate can be a stressful process. Final Duties offer the option of a free, over the phone, probate quotation so you don’t have to find the time or have the hassle of going to a solicitor’s office. You do not have to accept the quotation.

Our Founder Adam Walker, after experiencing first-hand how much banks and solicitors will charge for probate, set up final Duties in order to provide fair and transparent pricing. Therefore Unlike other probate services, our specially selected panel of probate specialist solicitors work on a fixed fee basis and do not charge based on the cost per hour plus a percentage of the estate.

As with many other services, locality can easily affect the fees you are given by a Probate London solicitor. It is important to know how you will be charged and why you are being charged that amount. Are they an estate administrator or a fully qualified solicitor? If your chosen professional is unwilling or reluctant to offer a fixed rate fee it leaves you open to them charging uncapped amounts and you could end up with a hefty bill at the end of the process. Final Duties offer a full administration process at a set fee that will not change unless the details of the estate change. All of our quotes are sent out in writing with a clear and jargon-free explanation of what the service includes.

Obtaining a grant of probate can be a long and tedious process. Our panel of probate London solicitors is qualified and regulated. We will ensure that you receive a professional and efficient service and will be there to advise you at every stage of the process.

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