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Obtaining a grant of probate and understanding exactly what it is can be very confusing. When somebody dies, a family member or close friend in most cases will need to apply at the probate office for a grant of probate. The grant of probate basically proves if the will, if one is found, is valid or not. Once the will is deemed as valid by a judge then the court can identify the executor of the estate, creditors with claims on the estate and the beneficiaries of the estate. To obtain a grant of probate you will need to look through and establish what probate forms you will need.

When somebody dies, you will have to gather many documents, both personal and official, in order to file for probate. In addition to finding documents you will need to register the death of your loved one and arrange a funeral. You will need to find the will of the deceased and if there is no will you need to decide who will be the administrators. You will have to find the documents of the deceased both personal and professional. Make sure you go through all the documents of the deceased. If you have any questions at all, make sure you contact the experts at Final Duties. They can help you with almost any questions you may have.

Prior to obtaining probate and carrying out the last will of the deceased, the executor of the will must fill out probate application forms which can be very confusing and time consuming. If at any point your feel over whelmed or not confident in your ability to apply for probate you should seek professional assistance. After you have gathered all the important documents and information regarding the deceased.You will need to fill out at least two forms, the Form PA1 and if there is no inheritance tax on the estate the IHT205. If there is inheritance tax to pay you will need to fill in a different Form called the IHT400 this is instead of the IHT205.

FORM PA1 is the probate application form. The FORM PA1 will require that you know the name, date of birth and death, and occupation of the deceased. You must also identify if there was a will left behind and if the deceased appointed representatives in the will. The form basically requires that you know the personal information regarding the deceased.

FORM IHT205 deals with information regarding the estate of the deceased. This particular form is used for small estates with a total value less than the inheritance tax threshold. This form is also used for estates that are worth less than £1,000,000, with no inheritance tax to pay.
Gathering all the necessary documents needed to apply for probate, applying for probate and filling out probate forms can be complicated and time consuming.

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