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Online probate: You can source so many online probate pages just from typing in the word into google, most are government web sites and some are relating to ancestry.

You can find websites giving you information and contact forms. What makes Final duties special is we offer online probate quotes straight away, we don’t need to visit your home we don’t need to book you in for an online quotation, we take Probate seriously. The reason why we have such a unique service is to help people during such a hard time gain the best probate price and take the burden off sorting everything from probate forms to giving you advice helping you through every step.

Unlike most high street probate solicitors and banks we can offer you a fixed fee quote and give you the quote at the beginning of the process rather than in the middle or at the end where more charges can be added. What we quote is what you pay.

Your one stop Online probate site, simple process fill in the quote form, we will call you back, ask you a few more additional questions and give you a fixed fee quote.

We understand how hard it can be and the reason why have a non intrusive approach is because Final duties was set up by Adam Walker shortly after his father passed, Like so many people who have suffered a bereavement, He didn’t like the approach and was horrified by the cost of obtaining Probate and frustrated by the solicitor’s reluctance to provide an accurate fixed fee quotation for the costs involved.

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