ITV daybreak reports on will writing

ITV daybreak reports on will writing is a program that has aired in the UK on ITV. Featuring Actress Tina Hobley and family Lawyer Marilyn Stowe, it concentrates on the importance of writing a will and doing it now.

Statistics in the UK show that around 56% of adults have not written a will, that’s half the population. Many people don’t realise what would happen to their children or families if anything was to happen.

The number of cohabiting couples in the UK rose by 292,000 between 2001 and 2011. Last year a survey found that when it comes to property and finances, a fifth of people believe cohabiting couples have equal rights to that of married couples.

This is shocking statistics and this goes to show that people don’t really know their rights.

People assume that getting a will written is expensive but generally its very cheap and worth doing for the peace of mind. The problems that can occur without a will can cause massive heartbreak, family rifts and distress.

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