How Long Does Probate Take?

Grant of Probate How Long Does Take?

Following a review of 2013 and 2014 Probate transactions carried out by Final Duties panel of solicitors we are able to offer some more detailed answers to the question how long does probate take?

During 2013 /2014 the average time from application and the time taken to issue the grant of probate was 24 days.
In 60% of the time taken to issue the grant of probate from date of application was only 21 days.

It’s important to understand that these numbers reflect only the time from application to obtaining a grant. They do not include the time taken to gather the required information to make the application. So, how long will probate take?

With Grants of Probate taking around three weeks it important to ensure that when dealing with an estate pre grant letters are sent in a timely fashion and that the collection of estate liabilities and assets is efficient. In a few cases we found some probate registry offices taking up to 6 weeks to issue a grant from application. With, in most cases, Estates subject to Inheritance tax taking longer, than the 21 days reflected in 60% cases.

How Can you Speed up the Probate?

There is probably no such thing as fast probate but you can help speed up probate by following these tips and gain probate fast.

  • Return your terms and conditions to the probate solicitor as soon as your receive them. Most Solicitors will not start work until they have received them.
  • Collect as much estate detail as possible and make sure bank and building society account numbers and sort codes are recorded accurately. Its important to make sure you document all of the deceased’s assets when dealing with the estate administration, as you will need to include a tax return even if the is no inheritance tax to pay.
  • If there is more than one executor or administrator make sure you communicate effectively prior to instructing, your chosen solicitor. Ensure that all executors return their forms as soon as they can.
  •  Ensure you have tried to locate all the beneficiaries. Some time taken here could save the solicitor hours and will not only help to reduce your probate fees but speed up the whole process.
  • Understand your duties as an executor or personal representative and ask for help if you think you cant fulfill them. The probate process is well documented with specific steps that need to be followed when making an application for probate or letters of administration.

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