Don’t let your probate turn into a saga

Don’t let your probate turn into a saga

Obtaining a grant of probate needn’t be a Saga. Some people would have you believe its a complicated process that could leave you regretting you started. This need not be true.

If you have a few grey hairs and time to spend, if you over 50 or maybe retired you may have the free time it takes to apply for probate yourself and avoid the whole solicitor Saga.

In the coming months we will be looking at DIY probate in more detail and understanding how to deliver a great service to your beneficiaries. Whilst administering an estate can take time if you are retired you may well be able to do this yourself. The population of the UK is living longer and with parents passing later in life you may find yourself in you late 50’s (fifty’s) needing to administer an estate. There are a whole host of over 50’s services out there trying to capture what they call they grey pound but if like me your not that grey and still enjoy holiday were you don’t need a chaperone and extreme sports are not out the question but put on the back burner in favour of a great dinner and maybe a little romance then like me you may object to people thinking you are over the hill.

Probate Rule 1 Probate Fees

Shop around for the best probate quote you can get. It doesn’t matter if you cruising the Adriatic or sitting in the conservatory, the telephone is your friend. Make calls and ask detailed questions. Always asked for a fixed fee probate quote and be prepared to haggle. If the probate specialist you are speaking to cant get round “the computer says no” scenario then maybe move on to the next probate provider.

Probate Rule 2 Estate

Have your details ready. Make sure you know the details of estate understand the asserts and liabilities. This will help you avoid costs in the future.

Probate Rule 3 Time

Give yourself time to grieve and think about what you want to do. Why make decisions when your not really ready to.

Probate Rule 4 Duties

Don’t turn administering the estate into a saga, Probate is governed by rules take some time to understand them.

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