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Final Duties Probate services have been featured in many national newspapers.

Final duties have been featured in all of the national press over the last 10 years. We have a strong track record of providing no-nonsense probate services to hundreds of executors just like you.

We pride ourselves on a no-nonsense approach with services delivered with the end-user in mind and probate explained in terms that the layman can understand. Our solicitors provide clear advice that is easy to understand and services that reflect value for money combined with expertise.

Final duties is proud of its customer service and grant of probate application offering over the last 10 years, we are uniquely placed to offer a value for money without a loss in customer service.

Call now for a free no-obligation quote designed to meet your specific needs.


Anger at banks’ probate ‘rip off’

“BANKS have been accused of ripping off bereaved relatives by imposing “ludicrously high” charges on the estates of customers when they die.”

A look into the probate services provided by banks, the quality of service and the excessive charging structures that they use.



Deal of the Week: Probate broking

“A service for finding a competitively-priced probate solicitor. Final Duties claims to be the UK’s first independent broker for the work involved in administering a deceased person’s estate.”

A breakdown of final duties as a probate broker the advantages of using a probate broker and what are the alternatives.



The £600m RIP-off

“It’s a £600m a year rip-off, where banks and solicitors are charging large fortunes to sort out small estates. It’s worse because they prey on grief-stricken families who are not in a mood to argue, or shop around,”

Banks and solicitors are overcharging consumers small fortunes for sorting out wills and small estates. Tony Levene meets Britain’s first ‘probate broker’


Now the banks cash in on wills: 1.5million families face losing billions because their loved ones were sold rip-off testaments

“Grieving families face paying thousands of pounds to banks because their loved ones were sold rip-off wills.”

A look into the banks practices of appointing themselves as executors within a Will and the fees they charged to provide probate services.


Beware the curse of the unwanted executor

Enticing offers of discount or even free will-writing services may sound harmless enough, but many families who take this route risk paying dearly when it comes to sorting out the eventual estate.”

A look into the disturbing practice of banks and solicitors writing themselves into wills as executors leaving the families of the deceased to shoulder the burden of expensive legal fees or the ordeal of trying to have them removed.



Exposed: Banks that prey on the bereaved

“Bereaved families are being preyed upon by banks and unregulated probate firms which charge thousands of pounds to execute the estate of their loved ones. Money Mail and consumer group Which? have separately investigated the often-murky world of will-writing and probate services – the legal process of handling the affairs of the deceased.”

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