Save money on probate

Here at final Duties, we aim to save you as much money possible on Probate.

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Probate is required when the deceased leaves assets worth more than £5000

This could include any of the following.
  1. Property
  2. Stocks and share
  3. Money
  4. Insurance Policies
  5. Assets worth a substantial amount.
Or any land that is owned in their name OR “tenants in common”
Normally if the assets are worth less than £5000 there is not much need to go through probate.
Sometimes though with assets worth less than £5000 probate is still required, the bank may insist on seeing a grant of probate, also the same with insurance policies they need to be paid into the estate rather than being given to the beneficiary.
There is also the case that if the deceased has given away any assets worth a considerable amount in the last 7 years. Then Inheritance tax may need to be paid.
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