Probate London

Probate London

Written by Elissa Hayes

Are you in London or surrounding areas and need Probate? We here at Final Duties can offer you low cost probate and assist you throughout the whole process beating all our competitors in price and simplicity, Our process is simple quick quotes and we do not even have to visit your home like many banks and other probate providers.

The London Probate office is located at the First Avenue House at 42-49 High Holborn. The First Avenue House has 19 Family Division courts and holds a complete set of calendars of wills and administrations from 1858. The First Avenue House has been the primary Probate Department of the Principal Registry in England and Wales since 1858.

Before you visit the London Probate Office you need to obtain a grant of probate. When filing for a grant of probate it is necessary to contact professionals to assist you.

The qualified professionals at Final Duties can help you to file for a grant of probate.

You will need to gather all the important information regarding the deceased in order to fill out two forms to apply for a grant of probate. You will need to complete the probate forms and send them to the UK Probate Registry.

The first form is called FORM PA1 and the second one is called FORM IHT205. Both of these forms can be found on the website. If you need any additional help with these forms a friendly representative from Final Duties would be more than willing to assess you.

When applying for a Grant of Probate you have to be cautious of Probate scams. There are many people who are willing to take advantage of families suffering from the loss of a loved one. Using our service you will not have to worry about being scammed or taken advantage of our service offers a set fee, in writing that will not increase unless the details of the estate changes.

Unlike other probate services, We does not charge their probate fees based on the cost per hour plus a percentage of the estate. Instead, our friendly representatives are here to ensure that you get the most out of our services.

If you’re feeling too down to go out and search for probate prices, do not worry because we offer the option of a free, over the phone, probate quotation. You do not have to accept the quotation.

Obtaining a grant of probate can be tedious work. Our professional probate specialists are here to ensure that you receive worry free and secure services. Our qualified professionals at are here to help you at every turn.