Inheritance procedure much easier

Inheritance procedure much easier

Written By Elissa Hayes

People from the UK could soon find the Inheritance procedure much easier. The European Parliament has backed proposals that would allow people to determine the law under which probate beneficiaries inherit.

Under the new regulations, a British man who settles in France, for instance, could choose whether his assets are governed by English or French law after he has passed away

The changes are hoped to avoid the disputes that occur when a person leaves a will in more than one Member State.
Over sea’s inheritances account for ten per cent of all successions in the European Union, according to Kurt Lechner, who was influential in passing the proposals through parliament.

The changes will also establish a European Certificate of Succession, which will safeguard inheritances and the rights of beneficiaries, in much the same way as a memorandum.

If the person leaves a will this will make the process alot easier than if they were to die Intestate (without a will)