Cost of dying rises above £7,000

Cost of dying rises above £7,000

They are now reporting that the Cost of dying rises above £7,000

Written by Elissa Hayes

Recent Surveys have shown that funeral costs and prices have risen by 61% over the past seven years, as families of the bereaved will struggle to cover the expense and costs of funerals.

costs of dying have risen 20% since 2007 reports and surveys have shown more of us would benefit from a pre-paid funeral and probate plan,

The typical costs in now in the region of cost of  £7,248,

Funerals, probate costs,memorials, headstones,flowers etc  are now unable to be paid for with the UK in such a struggle, families simply can’t come up with the costs.

according to this survey around 26% of the general public admitted they had made no plans or even thought about what would happen if they were to die, Also 87% of people questioned had also made no arrangements or again even thought if where they will live and who will look after them if they were unable to look after themselves when they got old.

The news costs show a rise of £400 since 2007

Funeral costs have gone up by 63% and sun life have quoted that the costs will carry on rising and rising.

A spokesman for Sun Life Direct, said: “Many people are sleepwalking into a financial nightmare, leaving end-of-life plans to their families, the state or no one at all.

We should all be planning and thinking about what will happen in the future rather than just sitting back and not worrying about it, Our families will pay the price and we should take that into consideration.

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