Average cost of Probate Fees

Average cost of Probate Fees

There is no fixed average cost of probate, some probate solicitors charge by the hour, some provide fixed fees, most banks also charge by the hour so probate bills can be very excessive if not done correctly.

Shopping around is always the smart thing to do, but during stressful times an easy solution is always the simplest option.

We offer fixed fee low cost probate and the reason we can do this is because we have a large network of probate solicitors all competing for your business, we can save you upto 50% on Probate fees.

There is no average cost of probate, each probate provider charges different fees. We can save you up to 50% on probate fees.

Which? has recommended our service and we have had many stories printed in the Leading UK newspapers (link ) speaking of how our unique service can save people thousands of pounds.

See how we differ below;

Estate ValueFinal DutiesAverage SolicitorBank

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