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ESTATE VALUE £65,000 £180,000 £405,000
Typical Bank fee £2,600 £7,200 £16,200
Typical Solicitor’s fee £1,300 £3,600 £8,100
Our Quote £787 £1,520 £2,135

Our unique service has been featured in six national newspapers see here and which? Money Magazine and is designed to ensure that you save money and get top quality advice from a leading specialist firm.

We have also appeared on BBC 1 on a program called Rip Off Britain discussing  local probate solicitors and banks regarding their excessive Probate fees.

In a recent competitor review we found Final Duties to be  50% less expensive than some of our major competitors.

Rest assured that our solicitors are some of the most experienced probate solicitors in the country.

Once you have instructed us you will deal directly with your solicitor just as if you had instructed them yourself.

Guaranteed Fixed Fee

Few solicitors will provide a fixed fee price quotation so you won’t know the final cost until the bill arrives.  We take comprehensive details of the estate at the outset so that we can provide a fixed fee written probate quotation that is guaranteed not to increase unless the details of the estate change.

Transparent Charging Basis

Bank probate fees often exceed 4% of the estates value and most solicitors work on a cost per hour plus a percentage of the estate.  We think that this is grossly unfair.  Our quotation is based on a fair estimate of the number of hours work required, rather than a percentage of the estate’s value.

Absolutely no Hidden Fees

Your fixed fee quotation will include a 24 point schedule that sets out exactly what service you will receive and a break down of all other charges and disbursements.  You will know to the penny what the final  bill will be before you instruct us.

Financial Security

We only deals with fully qualified solicitors. This means that all client monies are held securely in their clients’ accounts and protected by the solicitors’ compensation fund.  This gives you absolute financial security and peace of mind.

Taking Care of Every Detail

We can help you with every aspect of administering the estate for example we can help you to clear, clean and sell the property and arrange for legal and financial advice for the beneficiaries. Very few Probateproviders are able to offer such a wide range of ancillary services and these can save you time, money and worry at a difficult time.

A Sympathetic Service

As part of our service we will provide you with a detailed writtenquotation free of charge and without obligation.  This is done over the telephone; no one will visit you and you will be left in peace to decide whether to accept our quotation.  We believe that our service and competitive prices will sell itself. See here for a probate price comparison

Pay Later

If you decide to accept our quotation we will ask you to pay our  broking fee of £295 including vat.  There is nothing else to pay until theGrant of Probate or Letters of Administration have been obtained as in most cases all remaining fees will be taken from the Estate.

Money Back Guarantee

Our broking fee is only payable if you accept our quotation, so if you are not happy with our quote then you pay nothing.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking us for a quotation.

You could save Thousands

Our fees are typically half the price of using a high street solicitor and a quarter of the cost of using a bank.  The table below gives some real examples of some of the fee savings we have achieved for our clients using our panel of solicitors.

ESTATE VALUE £65,000 £180,000 £405,000
Typical Bank fee £2,600 £7,200 £16,200
Typical Solicitor’s fee £1,300 £3,600 £8,100
Our Quote £787 £1,520 £2,135

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